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Project: Pure Drop Scholarship Bonanza WhatsApp Chatbot

We are proud to showcase our innovative project, the Pure Drop Scholarship Bonanza WhatsApp Chatbot, designed to enhance engagement and streamline communication for the esteemed Pure Drop Cooking Oil Scholarship Promotion.


In collaboration with Pure Drop Cooking Oil, we developed a dynamic WhatsApp Chatbot to amplify the reach and efficiency of the Pure Drop Scholarship Bonanza Promotion. The objective was to create an interactive and user-friendly platform that seamlessly guided participants through the scholarship application process, answered queries, and provided real-time updates.

Key Features

  • Automated Application Process: A user-friendly chatbot interface guiding participants through scholarship application steps.
  • Information Retrieval: Instant access to promotion details, eligibility criteria, and other relevant information.
  • Real-time Updates: Automated notifications for application status, deadlines, and winner announcements.


The Pure Drop Scholarship Bonanza WhatsApp Chatbot has proven to be an instrumental tool in fostering engagement and simplifying the application journey for scholarship aspirants. With its intuitive design and seamless functionality, the chatbot contributed to a significant increase in participation and interaction throughout the promotion.

September 18, 2019
Hypery Brands